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The training Basic VBA Excel teaches you to create macros in applications and the basic principles of programming, such as statements, functions, variables, conditions, loops, debugging and trouble solving. After attending this training, you will save time on your daily activities.


In order to participate in this training, the participant should at least be able to perform the topics from our courses Excel Basic, Excel Advanced – Tables & Databases, Excel Master - Formulas and Functions.

Target audience

This training is designed for reasonably experienced Excel users who wish to use Visual Basic for Applications to write macros in Excel and to adjust or automate Excel functions.

This hands-on training gives insights into how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is used to write procedures (macros) in Excel and how Excel can be further controlled with these. The Excel object model will be treated, as well as the various properties and methods of tables, ranges, axes, graphs, charts, windows, menus and buttons. Other topics that are being covered are adding a column with data, adding calculated columns, copying rows from a database, creating charts from a database and using adjusted command buttons. Menus will also be given plenty of attention during the training. In short, an excellent choice for delving further into VBA!

We offer this Basic VBA Excel courses Dutch, English and the French language.

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